Thomas Müller commentates through a megaphone while scoring a goal during a Bayern Munich training session
SELF-PUBLICIST: Müller (Image: Twitter/adidasfootball)

VIDEO: Thomas Müller commentates through megaphone while training

Bayern Munich star describes his own goal while scoring it.

Müller https://t.co/ziZrk0gTbs

— Bayern & Germany (@iMiaSanMia) February 22, 2016

Watch as Thomas Müller commentates on his own goal through a megaphone during a Bayern Munich training session.

The Germany World Cup star has provided plenty of entertaining moments in the past, some of which are rounded up in this video that Bayern compiled for his 26th birthday last September:

Somehow they contrived to omit the much-memed Müller dance, so here’s that one separately:

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll see Thomas Müller commentate professionally – and if these clips are anything to go by, chances are he’ll be a damn sight more fun than most British pundits.