VIDEO: Swedish player Stefan Ishizaki scores volley from inside own half

Stefan Ishizaki with a volley from inside his own half for IF Elfsborg
Stefan Ishizaki... Looks like he's ripped his shorts (Image: Skistar)

Stefan Ishizaki scored with this impressive strike as his team, IF Elfsborg, beat Örebro Sportklubb 2-0 in the Allsvenskan Swedish league.

The Swedish player of Japanese decent manages to volley the ball into the net from approximately 76 yards, past the Örebro goalkeeper who was stranded after clearing his lines.

See the video below:

The YouTube comments for this video have descended into a bit of an argument over whether the sport being played is called football or soccer. We won’t get into that because it is boring, but this contribution from konefsta did catch Burp’s eye:

ive scored a similar goal in school .