Everton manager Roberto Martínez dancing at a Jason Derulo concert, allegedly
(Image: Twitter/@LFCKOPVIEW)

VIDEO: Roberto Martínez dancing at Jason Derulo concert

Fellow attendee claims to have spotted Everton manager showing off his moves.


Just filmed #EFC Manager #Martinez throwing shapes at @jasonderulo in Manchester pic.twitter.com/KD5XCUErvV

— ✨✨✨LFCKLOPPVIEW✨✨✨ (@LFCKOPVIEW) February 4, 2016

Apparently, in the clip above, you can see Everton manager Roberto Martínez dancing at a Jason Derulo concert last night.

The R&B star was performing at Manchester Arena on Thursday as part of his biggest ever UK arena tour and a Liverpool fan who attended has claimed on Twitter that he spotted the Spanish coach also enjoying the event.

The dancing man, supposedly Martínez, can be seen showing off his moves as the music blares out over the sound system and the fan who captured the video says he has more footage that will be uploaded later today.

He’s insisting that it really is the Everton manager and provided further details of Martínez at the Jason Derulo gig, despite many remaining sceptical:

@jasonderulo @EvertonArentWe got more will post in morning on my birds phone honestly is him thou he was signing autographs

— ✨✨✨LFCKLOPPVIEW✨✨✨ (@LFCKOPVIEW) February 5, 2016

@EFCMatthew @FutbolAndrew @jasonderulo It is lad I filmed it myself

— ✨✨✨LFCKLOPPVIEW✨✨✨ (@LFCKOPVIEW) February 5, 2016

@Pezz_96 Its honestly him mate he was pure loving it

— ✨✨✨LFCKLOPPVIEW✨✨✨ (@LFCKOPVIEW) February 5, 2016

@AbbottBishops I filmed this video and yeah it is him.. He seemed really down to earth fella having a laugh

— ✨✨✨LFCKLOPPVIEW✨✨✨ (@LFCKOPVIEW) February 5, 2016

@andyb4ker @DaveJordan87 @johnmerro1 He was in a box hence standing up with glass behind him. #JustAcceptIt

— ✨✨✨LFCKLOPPVIEW✨✨✨ (@LFCKOPVIEW) February 5, 2016

@andyb4ker @DaveJordan87 @johnmerro1 #Derulo got everyone to do it I just thought fuck that am filming #Martinez doing it ha

— ✨✨✨LFCKLOPPVIEW✨✨✨ (@LFCKOPVIEW) February 5, 2016

Others have pointed out that Roberto Martínez has been seen dancing similarly before.

One of Derulo’s recent performances also made the news earlier this week when, after arriving twenty minutes late for his appearance, the singer shouted “Hello Wolverhampton” to a crowd of fans in Worcester according to Mail Online.