Eggs were used to build the Eggihad
(Image: Gisela Francisco)

PHOTOS: Young Man City fan makes “the Eggihad” for school’s Easter competition

Each player represented by an egg in miniature stadium replica.

My 9yr old son Brandon made the eggihad for his school easter competition. Can he get a retweet. pic.twitter.com/44YatHAy27

— Tony sherwin (@AnthonySherwin2) March 29, 2018

One young Manchester City fan made “the Eggihad” – a miniature replica of the Etihad with each player represented by an egg – for his school’s Easter competition.

Photos of the Eggihad were shared on Twitter by the boy’s father Tony Sherwin, and one picture shows the child holding a sign asking his hero Sergio Agüero for a like.

Needless to say, it brought the puns out in force:

Missed a trick with egguero

— Tom'Challa (@tucasloledo) March 31, 2018

Is that Eggerson in goal? 🌝

— clownf1st (@clownf1st) March 29, 2018

Where’s egguardiola?

— ฮาชีก (@shznhzqe) March 31, 2018

That kid who built the Eggihad… Its really annoying me that on his note he didn’t go for Egg-ueroooooo

— Gary Lambert (@TheGaryLambert) March 30, 2018