This is not the rainbow at the MLS match between Chicago Fire and Sporting Kansas City

PHOTOS: Beautiful rainbow at MLS game in Chicago

This double rainbow pales in comparison to what was seen before Chicago Fire v Sporting Kansas.

Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear. Sure looks pretty under a turbulent Chicago summer sky! #cf97 #CHIvSKC pic.twitter.com/AmCIJ9SgC5

— Shane Murray (@SMurrayMedia) July 14, 2016

See the rainbow at an MLS game in Chicago after a storm delayed kick-off in the match between Chicago Fire and Sporting Kansas City last night.

They say that football is the beautiful game but, as the following photos go to show, a match can be at its most beautiful before it’s even had a chance to get underway.

Prepare to have your breath taken away by these pictures of the remarkable rainbow at an MLS game that was due to take place at Chicago Fire’s Toyota Park arena:

Warmups have been pushed to 8:30pmCT w/ kickoff scheduled for 9:15. *Times subject to change* but view on point.🌈 pic.twitter.com/b5KRMHVp2w

— Sporting Kansas City (@SportingKC) July 14, 2016

Colors @Valspar_Paint would be proud of! #CHIvSKC #cf97 pic.twitter.com/mdraUVQjk8

— Shane Murray (@SMurrayMedia) July 14, 2016

BREAKING: start of @SportingKC and @ChicagoFire delayed due to sever weather. Updates to come

— Jake Yadrich (@JakeYadrich) July 13, 2016

The calm after the storm. #cf97 #CHIvSKC pic.twitter.com/Vnq6IWKTtg

— Lee Hannant (@CoachLeeHanno) July 14, 2016

Gorgeous. #CHIvSKC #roaddron @SportingKC pic.twitter.com/vnA9lssfRt

— ⌡µ$tⁱn Z1MM3RM@Ɲ (@JustnRZimmerman) July 14, 2016

Update from Toyota Park. #CHIvSKC pic.twitter.com/AYhIz2Yrq5

— Major League Soccer (@MLS) July 14, 2016

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