PHOTO: David Beckham’s advert in the Miami Herald

David Beckham takes out a full page ad in the Miami Herald and writes an open letter to the city.

David Beckham's advert in the Miami Herald
FRIENDLY: Advert (Image: Back Page Football)

See David Beckham’s advert, posted by the former England international in yesterday’s edition of the Miami Herald, ingratiating himself with the locals.

In a move designed to stoke enthusiasm amongst prospective supporters for his newly announced MLS franchise in the city, Beckham rented a full page ad in the newspaper and took the opportunity to write an open letter to “Miami”.

The full text of David Beckham’s advert in the the Miami Herald is below:

Dear Miami,

Yesterday we announced that we are taking the first steps in bringing Major League Soccer to this great city,

Today I personally want to thank everyone for the warm and gracious welcome you have given me.

While we considered various places, I knew in my heart – from my very first visit – that Miami was the right home for our club. This wonderfully vibrant and diverse community is filled with the same energy that makes soccer the most popular game in the world.

Soccer is my passion. And my visits here have shown me that it’s yours as well. I am excited and humbled to help bring soccer to Miami, and to help further Miami’s deserved reputation as a true world-class city.

There is still work to do and this is only the beginning. The ownership group believes passionately that for this franchise to be truly successful, we need an iconic downtown location for our stadium site. Our fans deserve a home to be proud of.

I look forward to work with the Mayor and Commissioners to identify the right site for a stadium. As I’ve promised in the past, we will not seek County of City funds in the constructions of our stadium.

I pledge to you that we will work with great enthusiasm and energy. Together we will be a soccer franchise that will have the whole world talking.


David Beckham

Image: Back Page Football