VIDEO: Christian Eriksen nutmegs child, child cries

Showing off his skills at an infant's expense, watch as Christian Eriksen nutmegs a small child and makes him cry.

Christian Eriksen nutmegs child and makes the child cry
Child… About to be embarrassed (Image: Vimeo/charlie fisher/smallbutglobal)

Showing off his skills at an infant’s expense, watch the Christian Eriksen nutmegs child video that shows the Tottenham star making a kid cry.


In a video for Samsung that was filmed in the lead-up to Euro 2012 and has recently resurfaced, Eriksen is seen posing for photographs with fans, signing autographs and generally larking around amongst the scenic surroundings of Copenhagen’s town square.

Not content with lighting up the Premier League since his arrival this season, Eriksen has also embarrassed a small child in font of a crowd of people.

The Danish midfielder was keeping the ball away from the fair haired toddler when he saw the opportunity to nutmeg the youngster, known only as Bertram.

So upset with himself for falling for the sly trick, Bertram ran off crying into the arms of a man presumed to be his father.

Uploader Charlie Fisher says:

Danish National Footballer Christian Eriksen nutmegs little Bertram in Copenhagen’s town square. This video is in a series of street football videos I concepted and directed for Samsung leading up to the EURO 2012. Commissioned by Stoic.

Watch the Christian Eriksen nutmegs child, child cries video below: