Chilean police car, the likes of which was urinated on by a footballer in this photo
This is probably not the car that was pee'd on (Image: wikixexo)

PHOTO: Chilean footballer urinates on police car

Unwisely decides to share photo on social media.


"Errar es humano, mear es divino"
José Barrera pic.twitter.com/RpFUe2QFjT

— LUM (@lasultimas) February 13, 2016

Here’s the shocking moment a Chilean footballer urinated on a police car, the photo of which he was unwise enough to share on social media.

Cobreloa had just been stuffed 4-0 at Iberia in Chile’s 2nd division when six of their players decided to hit the town, culminating in midfielder José Barrera weeing on a police vehicle – an act that may now see his contract terminated.

Sure beats Joleon Lescott ‘accidentally’ posting a picture of a car. Anyway, for the Spanish speakers amongst you, here is Barrera apologising for the incident:

JOSÉ BARRERA (COBRELOA) pide disculpas por ORINAR PATRULLA tras NOCHE de FIESTA previa a partido con IBERIA.pic.twitter.com/SMwbq4hPAK

— NAVALTOONS (@NAVALTOONS) February 13, 2016