A young child wore a Jürgen Klopp Halloween costume to school
(Image: Thomas Rodenbücher)

PHOTO: Child wears Jürgen Klopp Halloween costume to school

9-year-old said to be also speaking with a German accent.


The young man off to school fancy dress pic.twitter.com/THO7wZC27T

— Garreth⚽️Breen (@G00000000000007) October 28, 2016

See a 9-year-old Liverpool fan’s terrific Jürgen Klopp Halloween costume that he wore for the fancy dress celebrations at his school prior to the big day.

Said to be all little Sam’s idea, the boy’s brilliant get-up caused a major stir on social media.

Complete with the charismatic German manager’s trademark black glasses, tracksuit, beard and hairstyle, he surely impressed all his mates at primary.

Plus, this:

@kopice86 he's even putting a German accent on

— Garreth⚽️Breen (@G00000000000007) October 28, 2016