A Go Ahead Eagles fan did a poo in the centre circle of PEC Zwolle's MAC³PARK Stadion
(Image: Alonstoter)

PHOTO: Go Ahead Eagles fan does poo in centre circle, hid in rival’s stadium after match

Attempted to defile PEC Zwolle's MAC³PARK Stadion.

Ondanks de nederlaag, toch nog een hoogtepunt. Wat een baas, op de middenstip! #ikschijtopPEC pic.twitter.com/ehGv5tTNs3

— Go Ahead Supporters (@GoAheadSupp) October 31, 2016

It is being reported that a 50-year-old Go Ahead Eagles fan did a poo on the centre spot at PEC Zwolle’s MAC³PARK Stadion following a 3-1 defeat for his side in their Dutch Eredivisie clash on Sunday.

The supporter is said to have hid in the ground for more than three hours after the final whistle, waiting until the whole place was empty before he made his move.

The club have apparently refused to confirm that “something was left”, but security guards found the fan and escorted him from the stadium in cooperation with the local police due to alleged “inappropriate behaviour”.

A spokesman for Zwolle brushed off the incident, “stressed that it is a one-man operation” and “most importantly, we had a beautiful football afternoon”.

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