Norwegian Liverpool fan names daughter Ynwa

Four-year-old Karoline Ynwa from Norway has been named after the song, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

A Norwegian Liverpool fan has named daughter Ynwa
Most Liverpool fans name their children responsibly (Image: Simon Cooper)

A Norwegian Liverpool fan has named his daughter Ynwa, the common abbreviation for the Kop’s signature song You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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The four-year-old girl was first discovered by Nordlys, the largest newspaper in Northern Norway, when the little girl’s mother took on a new high-powered job.

Before moving on to more business-like questions, Eirin Isabell Iversen told the publication:

My daughter is named Karoline Ynwa, so I know how much football can affect everyday life.

The father of Karoline Ynwa is very keen on Liverpool, I’m probably not as interested in football, but it was actually my suggestion to call her Ynwa.

He suggested Gerrard before we knew whether it was a boy or girl.

It would hardly have worked so well for a girl, so I suggested Ynwa.

The more we talked about it with the grandparents, the more sank it in and we decided it.

Another Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, followed up the story with Eirin and confirmed that although “Ynwa” is written in the youngster’s school clothes, the parents have provided her with an alternative option:

Her name is Karoline Ynwa, we could not very force her to cheer on Liverpool.

But she is very proud of her name.

We also learn that Karoline is set to visit Anfield soon:

Her father has promised to take her to see a Liverpool match when she gets to five, so now she is very much looking forward to that.

Finally, it is enquired as to whether any future partner of her daughter Ynwa must also be a Liverpool fan…

Laughing, she answers:

Then we take a family council!

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