This is not the wedding cake of the wedding clashing with the Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur Champions League final

Mumsnet user invited to wedding that clashes with Champions League final and screens are banned

It's a dilemma, alright.

Mumsnet user invited to Liverpool wedding during the Champions League final and watching it is banned
(Image: Mumsnet)

One Mumsnet user posted on the website to explain a dilemma – she and her husband have been invited to a wedding that clashes with the Champions League final.

If that’s not bad enough, screens are apparently banned from the event, while guests are not allowed to leave in order to watch Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool.


She says that DH (darling husband) and his brothers are determined to find a way to sneak off and watch it before returning to the wedding.

But it’s clear from her description that this will not go down well with the couple getting married.

Responses to the post are mixed, with some suggesting that the wedding should come first and others recognising the gravity of the situation.

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