The Sun agony aunt Dear Deidre answers letter from girlfriend of Spurs supporter who celebrated the Champions League semi-final win more than news of their baby
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Newspaper agony aunt fields query about boyfriend who loves Spurs “more than me and our unborn baby”

Claims fan is "now insistent we name the baby Lucas if it's a boy".


Hilarious Dear Deidre Letter in The S*n: "I’m devastated because I think my boyfriend loves Tottenham Hotspur more than me and our unborn baby" from coys

A woman contacted The Sun agony aunt Dear Deidre to claim she’s worried that she’ll always “be second best to his football team” after watching her Spurs-supporting boyfriend celebrate their Champions League semi-final win over Man City.

The amusing but slightly concerning letter appeared in the British newspaper ahead of the club’s Champions League final in Madrid.


She claims that “my boyfriend was actually crying when the final whistle went” and their progression in the competition was confirmed.

However this is contrasted with the fact that “he didn’t seem even half as emotional when I told him I was pregnant. He said he was happy but didn’t shed a tear like he did when Spurs’ Lucas Moura scored that winning goal against Ajax.”


Apparently, the man is “now insistent we name the baby Lucas if it’s a boy”.

And he’s also set to miss the couple’s anniversary to travel to Spain for the culmination of the tournament.

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