Real Madrid’s Luka Jović says he’s “sorry that some people did their job unprofessionally” after flying to Serbia during coronavirus outbreak

Dad says, "if he has to go to prison, let him go".

Real Madrid's Luka Jović flew from Spain to Serbia during the coronavirus lockdown

Real Madrid’s big money summer signing Luka Jović has come under fire for flying from Spain to Serbia to be with his model girlfriend during the coronavirus lockdown.

The €60 striker has since claimed that he did not know “how to behave in self-isolation” and blamed club staff for not telling him that he wasn’t allowed to fly to another country:

While in Spain, I tested negative for coronavirus, and I decided to travel to Serbia to help and support our people and be close to my family, in agreement with my club.

When I landed in Serbia, I again tested negative for coronavirus. I am very sorry that some people did their job unprofessionally and did not give me the correct instructions on how to behave in self-isolation.


The player now reportedly faces sanctions from Real Madrid and even a fine or time in prison.

His dad agrees:

If he has to go to prison, let him go. I agree completely with the president and the prime minister, but only if he’s guilty of wrongdoing.