Freestyler Indi Cowie throws FIFA disc into console
(Image: Twitter/Indi Cowie)

VIDEO: Freestyler manages to throw FIFA disc into Xbox

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Told myself I wouldn’t game until I got this 😎🎮 if you need me I’ll be playing FIFA pic.twitter.com/sDPgLm43LT

— Indi Cowie (@indicowie) March 23, 2020

Scottish American freestyler Indi Cowie successfully managed to throw the FIFA 20 disc into her Xbox from the couch – and caught it all on camera.

Stuck indoors during the global coronavirus outbreak, the 25-year-old decided to make a challenge out of putting on the popular football video game.

New challenge for everyone staying home ☕️🎯 pic.twitter.com/nU14JhKbkj

— Indi Cowie (@indicowie) March 17, 2020

We’re not privy to how many goes it took in total, but in this clip we see her fling it into the console on her second go before she justifiably celebrates.

In 2012, Barcelona star Lionel Messi picked Cowie to be the winner of a worldwide freestyle contest in association with FIFA Street.