Gary Lineker’s brother shares photo of himself next to line of suspicious white powder

Wayne Lineker appeared to be posing next to a line of cocaine like one of the ones pictured here
(Image: Nightlife Of Revelry)

Gary Lineker’s brother Wayne shared a photo of himself posing next to a table with a white line on it that looks suspiciously like cocaine.

Harking back to last year “when life was normal”, the 57-year-old posted the picture of himself at a party drinking a glass of red wine alongside the hashtag #takemeback.


He soon deleted it when people started noticing the illicit-looking substance next to him, which a cynic might suggest was confirmation of guilt.

The Match of the Day host’s sibling has a large online following of people fascinated by the documentation of his playboy lifestyle.

Like all great comedians Wayne Lineker does the best one liners pic.twitter.com/gLyBqKT9V6

— Hordak (@evilhasnoname) April 2, 2020