FIFA player claims to be dead in messages sent to opponent after online defeat

Tried to make the winner feel bad.


A player claimed to be dead in messages sent his to opponent after being beaten at FIFA in an online game

In a series of tweets (a, b, c), someone playing FIFA online has revealed the messages sent to him in which his opponent pretended to be dead after losing to him.

Ronnie was apparently unhappy following defeat in the game and attempted to make the victor feel bad by claiming he had committed suicide.

A FIFA player claims to be dead in his first messages sent after an online defeat
(Image: Twitter/Mark)

He then went on to pretend to be his own father, devastated by what had happened, before continuing the conversation.

The recipient of the messages refused to believe the ruse however and instead uploaded screenshots of the chat to Twitter.

The FIFA online player pretends to be his dad after claiming to be dead in messages sent to his opponent after he lost
(Image: Twitter/Mark)

The images were retweeted hundreds of thousands of times as the exchange caught people’s attention.

The player is finally forced to admit it was a hoax and asks MarkSparko14 to at least help stop other gamers messaging him.

The online FIFA player who pretended to be dead admits it was a hoax and asks his opponent to stop other gamers messaging him
(Image: Twitter/Mark)

In response, Mark has made his account private so the tweets are now no long visible.

Seemingly after being initially unable to stem the tide: