A man has been spotted wearing a Barcelona shirt with 'CORONA VIRUS' on the back

Fan wears Barcelona shirt with ‘CORONA VIRUS’ on the back

The CAF have postponed the qualifying rounds of AFCON CAN 2021, scheduled for March 25 to 31.


A man has been photographed while wearing a Barcelona shirt with ‘CORONA VIRUS’ written on the back in place of the player name.

The new coronavirus, COVID-19, is continuing to spread panic across Europe causing the suspension of elite football tournaments throughout much of the world.

My “I don’t have coronavirus” shirt seems to have a lot of people asking me if I have coronavirus.

— Katelyn Burns (@transscribe) March 11, 2020

The photo, purported to have been taken somewhere in Africa, shows a fan riding in what looks to be a minibus.

His Barcelona replica shirt is instantly recognisable, the number is unclear but clearly emblazoned above it is ‘CORONA VIRUS’.