Cristiano Ronaldo shared a photo with a portrait of a Tim Sherwood lookalike on his wall
(Image: Brian Minkoff/London Pixels)

Cristiano Ronaldo shares photo with portrait of Tim Sherwood lookalike on his wall

Hint - it's not him.


Cristiano Ronaldo caused a stir on social media after uploading a photo of himself alongside his children with what appeared to be a picture of a Tim Sherwood lookalike in the background.

Sharing the family snap from his personal account, “Tim Sherwood” was soon trending on Twitter as many people noticed the likeness in the portrait hanging on his wall.

A shrine for Tim Sherwood, how bizarre https://t.co/7p11eFMI2e

— J (@_Doooly_) May 7, 2020

However it’s unlikely to actually feature the former Spurs and Aston Villa manager.

Some perhaps more savvy users have suggested it’s more likely to be a painting of the Juventus star’s father, Jose Dinis Aveiro.

Tim Sherwood – Juventus manager CONFIRMED at last pic.twitter.com/LycLRNm9k8

— J (WritetoyourMP) (@justusually1) May 7, 2020