Derby's Mason Bennett shouts "f***ing burn" at Pride Park Stadium
(Image: Twitter/Peter Filipowicz)

VIDEO: Derby’s Mason Bennett shouts “f***ing burn” as he passes club’s stadium

"I apologise if I've offended anyone."

Nice to know where loyalty's lie eh? #dcfc #dcfcfans pic.twitter.com/vuJDPoyAM9

— Peter Filipowicz (@TridentRAM) May 6, 2020

Derby striker Mason Bennett appeared to shout “f***ing burn” in the direction of the Championship side’s Pride Park Stadium in a video that emerged on social media.

Bennett, currently on loan at Millwall, has publicly apologised for the “private joke” after fans were left enraged at his disdain for Derby’s home ground.



The 23-year-old has since claimed, “the club has been great with me and will always be greatful (sic)”.

But in the ‘private’ clip, he can be heard apparently yelling the expletive while passing the venue in a moving vehicle.