Courtney Meppen-Walter released early, wrote poem in prison

Courtney Meppen-Walter released early
(Image: Twitter/ajamalw)

Former Manchester City defender and England Under-18 captain Courtney Meppen-Walter released early was the big football-crime news story yesterday.

Meppen-Walter was released from prison by accident on Monday morning after serving just over a third of his 16-month sentence for causing death by careless driving.

The 18-year-old pleaded guilty to causing the death of two people in a high speed road accident in Manchester city centre on September 1st last year.

Meppen-Walter walked free yesterday morning but the error was soon discovered and the disgraced youngster has now been told he must return to jail.

A poem that the former starlet wrote while inside has emerged on Twitter:

Courtney Meppen-Walter released early, wrote poem in prison
Courtney Meppen-Walter’s poem (Image: Twitter/ajamalw)

Read Courtney Meppen-Walter’s poem in full below:

Everything in the cell neat.
Days repeat and repeat.
Faces the same, day after day.
This is a place I don’t want to stay.
Missing certain faces.
Being designated to crazy places.
Claustrophobic everywhere you go.
Crazy criminals you wouldn’t like to know.
Time goes quick.
I wish there was a switch I could click.
To turn back time.
And take back everything that happened on the 1st of September 2012! Amen!