Indie Nile’s Album Reviews: MBV, Courteeners, Eels, Foals, Jim James

Indie Nile

I’m Nile Ranger, innit, and my knowledge of the current indie scene is every bit as boom ting as the goals I score for Newcastle United. I’m well up on all the latest releases – you get me – so when I’m not being the official bad man of the Magpies attack, I’m always writing album reviews an’ ting. I’m like the Zane Lowe of football, innit blud.

This week I’ll be getting mash-up with new LPs from My Bloody Valentine, Foals, Jim James, The Courteeners and Eels. Check me now!

My Bloody Valentine – m b v

My Bloody Valentine - m b v

Mans thought Kevin Shields was on some next ting when he was all like “yeah new album soon TRUST”, but here it is and oh my days if it isn’t proper old-school MBV-style majesty, you get me blud. It’s a bit more song-y than Loveless so I can be like whistling dem melodies while I’m megging Mike Williamson in attackers v defenders training sessions. This is proper live and no mistake, bruv.

Indie NileIndie Nile says… Four Wah Blows Out of Five!

Foals – Holy Fire

Foals - Holy Fire

That Yannis brer looks well serious, innit, and that comes through bare on the Oxford five-piece’s third album. Mans have called them “math rock” but it’s more like indie disco, you get me. It’s got some sick grooves an’ ting, but it’s too moody for me to be vibing off of before hitting the centre of town.

Indie NileIndie Nile says… Two Brrrrrups Out of Five!

Jim James – Regions of Light and Sound of God

Jim James - Regions of Light and Sound of God

This is that brer out of My Morning Jacket, yeah? They’re well underrated, know what I’m saying beeeerrrr-LUD! This is some well cinematic stuff, and it’s also soulful enough to be banging out around the ladies. I’m-a listen to this when kicking back vibing after training. Nuff respec’ for this consummate solo venture.

Indie NileIndie Nile says…Four Blapses Out of Five!

The Courteeners – ANNA

The Courteeners - ANNA

Gary Neville’s always posting YouTube links for these mans on Twitter, you get me bruv, but I don’t get the appeal – they sound like a wack Pulp to me, innit. If ever you had to be a white brer from the north to be into a band, it’s The Courteeners. Buzzing off the Yogi Bear reference in “Save Rosemary in Time”, though.

Indie NileIndie Nile says…Two Booooooooos Out of Five!

Eels – Wonderful, Glorious

Eels - Wonderful, Glorious

There are some well nice tracks on this, same with all Eels albums. I’ve been into these mans ever since that tune they did about Jesus and his lawyers. That image messes with my mind, blud – it’s proper next ting, get me bruv.

Indie NileIndie Nile says…Three Shuttupyeahs Out of Five!

Tune in bare soon for more from Indie Nile and his album reviews!