Sunderland 0-0 Fulham

Steve Bruce’s Black Cats could only manage a goalless draw with Martin Jol’s underachieving Cottagers. After this turgid northern affair, fans of both Sunderland and Fulham laid into their respective managers and seemed in a relatively downbeat mood. But it wasn’t all bad…

The Black Cats
Cat: Black


GK from http://www.readytogo.net/smb/ said…

“Decent performance I thought, we dominated but found it hard to create many clean cut chances. That said we hit the woodwork twice and their keeper made an outrageous save at the end.

Me and all the blokes sat around me were absolutely bemused by
i) the boos at the final whistle
ii) the volume of the boos

We’ve got some absolute arseholes supporting us these days. It was a decent game.”

David Lloyd from http://www.blackcatchat.net/forum/ said…

“How bad has it got to get, to get you in there marra ?.
The Mrs came out with a funny thing yesterday, I will de a brief description of it,
basically its not working, its like an un happy couple staying married because of the kids, they try to get through it but ineffability it will end up in tears,and they will separate on ugly terms the longer they go the more damage they will end up doing,
basically its doomed to fail, Aye shes a social worker .”

The Exile from http://www.readytogo.net/smb/ said…

“Santa, Tooth Fairy. Everyone’s concerned. However not everyone wants to have a hissy fit about it and sack the manager when the going gets tough with no recovery plan in place.”

Phoenix from http://www.blackcatchat.net/forum/ said…

“The lack of strikers, the lack of ambition, the lack of organisation, the heads dropping if we concede….bring back the ‘never say die’ days….”

Crazylegs from http://www.readytogo.net/smb/ said…

“In isolation it wasn’t that bad. In the 2010 context it was more utter shit, toothless, no pace, abysmal left hand side, not much better right hand, no game-changing substitutions, moving KR unnecessarily. Im amazed their weren’t more Bruce Out chants, absolute apathy the ground.”

Confucius from http://www.blackcatchat.net/forum/ said…

“I’m very much in the fence….. the offence. Fuck off Bruce before it is too late”

pete b from http://www.blackcatchat.net/forum/ said…

“I’m in the undecided camp; changing manager will give us the short term boost but I still just worry that we’ll spend a lot of the transfer budget to basically stay in the same place.

The premier league now is a top 6, a bottom 4 or 5 and the rest are battling it out for 7th place and/or a losing cup final.

and I know it’s just one example but Charlton keeps cropping up in my mind; they finished mid table in the PL for a few years on the spin and their fans wanted Curbishly out as he’d ‘taken them as far as he could’ Sometimes it’s is better the devil you know”

Shoot! from http://www.blackcatchat.net/forum/ said…

Steve Bruce
Bruce: No Goals

“No one saying that it isnt doomed to fail. Every manager is doomed to fail.

He is being kept on because I would imagine that ellis doesnt want the hassle of peddling him whilst he is trying to sell the club. It would cost a fortune and at a time when the club is trying to balance the books I have no doubt that ellis would be looking at a £50m bill to sack Bruce, his staff, appoint a new manager and his staff and give him a transfer kitty.

why do that when all Bruce has done this season is follow orders.

Its not as if we’re going to get into europe. that was pie in the sky as soon as he sold all of the best players in the close season and decided to raid the football league for replacements.

youre not really reading this situation particularly well. As usual with SAFc fans they just see whats going on on the pitch, which is about 50% of the story. wise up.”

Les Miserables from http://www.blackcatchat.net/forum/ said…

“Ellis is trying to sell the club? I must have missed the advert in the FT.”

GK from http://www.readytogo.net/smb/ said…

“It was a game and performance that was worthy of polite, perhaps even warm applause. If I had a beard I’d have been rubbing it at the end, reflecting on what might have been.”

The Cottagers
Cottage... not so white (Image: Oceanroller)


Jim Farmer from http://cc.fulhamfc.com/forum/ said…

“This management including Jol have been in charge now for some 26 matches now this season and it seems cant put an effecient team together even for the duration of one match.

The bottom line is we are16th at 11 points and will be lucky to have 14 by Xmas.. 3 Championship teams above us..

.PLEASE PLEASE you forum contributors no more cobblers about why this player is brought on with 5 minutes to go or that one is sitting on the bench even though they are the topgoalscorer and more time is needed.

Too late for all that .

If this was a high street company giving value to its shareholders(fans) and the price of tickets this management would all be sacked by now.”

Gandalf the White from http://cc.fulhamfc.com/forum/ said…

“Despite this I still thought that us lumping the ball up to him [Zamora] to hold up still looked like the best way of scoring today. Clint is a difficult one for me because there are benefits to having him upfront and in a more withdrawn role. The problem with him playing wide is when attacks break down we are often left with no cover on his side because he likes to drift inside. Could he hold the ball up as well as Zamora? Not too sure about that. Bobby needs to focus more for me, he’s been a very good player but at times appears lazy in his play right now. If he wants to get signed by someone else in Jan he should be proving to potential suitors he’s a good player by playing well. If it came down to it I would rather keep him because I think he will be a very difficult player to replace. I still think he and AJ could form a fantastic partnership and we have seen brief gimpses of that this season. Then again whether or not AJ will be playing his trade here after Jan is a whole other kettle of fish. Ruiz for me has had far too much protection from Jol for too long now. At the price we paid for him, albeit slightly less than earlier reports made us believe he would be available for, we shouldnt have to be afraid to start him in games. He’s not going to adapt to the league playing 10-20 minutes here and there, he needs to be given full games to feel his way into properly.”

Fulhampete the White from http://cc.fulhamfc.com/forum/ said…

“Zamora only ever looked good when Gera was playing alongside him. Nobody else brings out the best in him, especially not AJ. I think Zamora is a negative factor in our team and we ought to cash in on him while he is still in the England squad. Long term Ruiz is a much better option. If we cashed in on Zamora and Dembele we would benefit. Another example yesterday when Dembele walked through the Sunderland defence and then failed to score. This man flatters to deceive and we should take the cash whilst we can. The income from these two would enable Jol to bring in the type of players he wants. Jol knows what Dutch football has all been about ie. players with the intelligence to make the right decisions and play to a planned way of playing. There is no room for ‘mavericks’ in a well developed team and the sooner we get rid of these players the better. If not we will play beautiful football as we slowly sink.”

Wayne Farris from http://cc.fulhamfc.com/forum/ said…

“He looked in shock to me, Bobby’s bottom lip was quivering at times.”

jan blackmore from http://cc.fulhamfc.com/forum/ said…

Martin Jol
Jol: Busy

“V sunderland Jol continued to pick the team that battles for draws away from home. These guys cannot score goals away from home and struggle at home – was it 50 plus chances for 1 goal against spurs?

Must get the youngsters in. As for Ruiz, how can Jol justify 12 games without more than 30 minutes? I thought he signed for 4 years -damned expensive if he’s only going to play for 3, isn’t it?

Plus our lack of penetration from midfield will doom us. Danny must go – he’s too slow for premier league.

Change the team NOW, Maartin. We must have 20 plus points by Christmas.”