Swansea City 0-1 Manchester United

Manchester United’s 1-0 win at Swansea City kept the Red Devils on the coattails of their City rivals, while Brendan Rogers’ Swans side can count themselves unlucky not to get a point after Scott Sinclair missed a sitter. Join Football Burp in taking a sneaky peak at various reactions from the notoriously fickle world of online fans’ forums…

Scott Sinclair wasted a golden opportunity to draw Swansea City level against Manchester United.
Sinclair... Sitter (Image courtesy of Ronnie Macdonald)

Swansea City

Treforys Jack from forum.planetswans.co.uk said…

“We’ve shipped in 1 goal against Liverpool and Man utd, with almost the same team that got us promoted, I know we didn’t score either, but most people would of taken that at the seasons start surely?
Full marks to the players who have really stepped up to the mark, think we all knew Ash and Sinclair would be ok, but Taylor, Monk, Leon, Joe, the Power,Dyer have really impressed in the toughest league in the world. Time to push on now, 7 vital games before the window opens and lets hope Brendan gets it spot on like last year”

JackfromSwansea from forum.planetswans.co.uk said…

“Routledge should never have gone off. Rangel simply cant pass a football. Sinclair had a stinker. Mark Gower is going to get the mauling he deserves on here soon enough. When it happens I will join in. I have a feeling that had the scores been level at 60 mins we would have seen a different utd. Even at the start I said that we would be looking to score as late as possible. On the whole we did ok.”

dbjack from forum.planetswans.co.uk said…

“If everyone’s fit, Britton and Allen are certs which leaves a space for Gower or Kemy.

Gower offers more going forward and deserved to keep his place although with Routledge starting, maybe Kemy instead of Gower would have been the safer bet.

Gower’s been a key part in our form over the last few weeks but short of scoring every week there’s a fair proportion of fans he’ll never win over.”

Javier Hernandez's first-half strike gave Manchester United a 1-0 victory at Swansea City.
Hernandez... Pounced (Image courtesy of Ed Schipul)

Manchester United

Devilton from www.redcafe.net said…

“Said before the game that it would end up 1-0, and would be another average performance.

Can’t say i’m shocked. Our wideplay in recent weeks has been poor. There is far too much seperation between Rooney and Hernandez and all playing Roo in midfield has done is get him away from what he does best. Nani has been poor and needs to find his form. Carrick was good but needs to do more when the wide play is stagnant. Park for all his running is nothing more then a good defensive winger. Evra must have thought he was playing Lennon v2 because he looked second best all night. Hernandez took his goal well but can’t play in a 451 (which is what we were playing for most of them night).

Boring Boring United.”

cadell from www.manutdtalk.com/forums said…

“Any away wins after last season have to be taken as a big positive, especially at Everton where we have struggled recently, and Swansea who have a good home record. The back-to-basics approach since the mauling are paying dividends and I’ll take the unattractive 3 points every time because it won’t always be this way. Nani will come back to form and Young and Cleverley are still to come back and we know what they can add.
I can see Valencia playing a big role over the next month or so by building on the re-discovered solid base and getting balls into the box to get us the goals that we need. It’s not pretty but it won’t last forever.”

Cutch from www.redcafe.net said…

“Good 3 points but fuck me that was hard to watch at times. I’d like to think we were in control of that game, but there was a spell in the second half that for about 15-20 minutes we couldnt string 3-4 passes together.

As has been mentioned the defence looked very solid, and Carrick had a good game. It looked like we had a much better shape with him infront of the back four. However the front 5 didnt play well at all and didnt seem to be on the same wavelength at all. Park did nothin but fall over, and Nani had an absolute shocker. Rooney and Giggs ball retention was very poor.

5 clean sheets in a row since the City game is definately a positive, but hopefully the return of Rafael, Young, Welbeck etc can help get us back to the freeflowing play of the start of the season.”

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