Spurs Fans React to Redknapp Sacking, Debate Successors

Football Burp hotfoots it over to Tottenham Hotspur fora The Fighting Cock and THFC Talk to see how Spurs fans have been reacting to yesterday’s removal of Harry Redknapp from the White Hart Lane hot seat…

Tottenham Hotspur fans react to Harry Redknapp sacking
Redknapp... Compensation (Img: James Boyes)

yiddo2786, The Fighting Cock…

Thank you Harry Redknapp for 3 excellent years as Spurs boss on the pitch. It’s been by far the best time of my Spurs supporting lifetime.

Ginola’s Song, THFC Talk

Its utter comedy the way things have gone wrong for us, predictable as shit, but comedy nonetheless.

To remove Harry while the poor guy is working for the BBC as a pundit is bang out of order. Say what you like about his tactics, his verbal diarrhoea and other annoyances, we have finishes of 4th, 5th, 4th under him which is our best level of constistency in the PL era. If he is to be removed from his post, it must be done in a dignified way, have they learned nothing after the disgusting way Jol was treated?

Smolik, The Fighting Cock…

Wish we’d done this before Rodgers went to Liverpool. Knowing Levy he’s got something up his sleeve though…

mjbmedia, THFC Talk

dignity, swift action whatever that is, I dont blame Levy for wanting him out as he has let us down , bigged up title chances then we slip out of the CL places twice , no excuse for it. it was Harry who stuck the reserves on loan and left us short , not Levy, who was available in Jan for a decent price that Levy should have bought?? nobody . in Jan/Feb I was looking up not down, never thought we’d lose 3rd and we should never have done so , thing is yes Harry got us 4th 5th and 4th , but thats only 1 CL place (and he knew that ages before Chelsea caused us bad luck!!!) and as Ive said many times, with this squad we should never have blown CL this season, last season was bad enough but I forgave, this season theres no chance of forgiveness.

Depends who the replacement is of course and ideally id like consistency and Harry to stay but he dug his own grave as soon as Capello was out

boneycrisp, The Fighting Cock…

I’m quite excited about the prospect of David Moyes being manager actually, I don’t think we will take a step backwards under him. He’s done wonders with some very poor Everton sides and he has a very good record against the ‘big 4’ as well as making the team organised and hard to beat. I don’t think AVB will get much respect from our big name players or any big name players we may sign

Defoe8, THFC Talk

Like some people have said on here AVB, Rijkard or Deschamps would be very interesting choices, I don’t want Moyes too much of a steady eddy, and I rate Harry above him, so would be a step backwards.

AVB is the one that interests me the most, Chels was a last cause from the moment he dared to challenge the old guard over there. He’d have learnt alot from his time there and I reckon would be eager to come

Abbey Yid, The Fighting Cock…

To be fair I think the views on Benitez are a tad harsh.

This is a guy who took Valencia to 2 La Liga titles and a Champions League final, and also did brilliantly with Liverpool in the first few years, signing some of the top Spanish talents about at the time. He started going a bit loopy towards the end, i’ll grant that, but by no means is he an awful manager.

To clarify, I would personally rather avoid him as I think he’s had his day, but he is dismissed rather quickly considering his past successes.

mad, The Fighting Cock…

in fairness to Moyes, he has done an amazing job on what he is given, plus hes constantly touted to be SAF’s successor and to be honest there arent many manages better than Moyes who we can attracts, sure people like Rudy Garcia, deschamps or Blanc could all be available, but there not premier league tested and talking about European experience, the fact we’re not in the champions league probably doesnt help us. but what ever happens im just pleased we will (probably) have a manager with a little dignity

deadleyledley, THFC Talk

AVB or Benitez for me. I would be disappointed if we got Moyes.

Harry’s tenure was probably the best time I’ve had since supporting them. Credit where it was due, however IMHO i think he failed with the amount of talent he had available to him in the squad. Tactically he made lots of errors and he did shoot his mouth off at the wrong moment. However he got us playing the ‘Spurs’ way and was fairly succesful with it.

SurreySpur, THFC Talk

For me its got to be Moyes or Capello. Moyes has worked wonders with Everton and is ready for the step up, definitely good enough to take us up a level. Granted the football wont be as attacking as we have seen under Harry but it will still be fairly attacking and i think Moyes would relish the chance of working with a better group of players. With a very average squad Moyes manages to tactically get the better of bigger teams and consistently pulls off shock results. He doesnt take any bullshit and is well respected throughout the game. The only downside could be the transfer side of things, im not sure how able Moyes will be to bring in big names. Overall he’s a big step up from HArry in my opinion.

dommo, THFC Talk

I think if we go for Moyes it will only be because Levy know’s he can keep us pretty solid while the new stadium takes place. Can deliver with no transfer funds which is what will happen for 7-8 years once the stadium gets the go ahead.

Personally I don’t think Moyes would be a good fit for us. I wouldn’t mind us checking out Laudrup(probably get slated for suggesting him!!) or AVB….or maybe trying to get Low once the Euro’s finish

Do you think Harry Redknapp has been harshly treated? Who would you like to see replace him? Have your say in the comments sections below…