Rangers Fans Debate: SPL or 3rd Division?

Supporters of Rangers’ SPL rivals have been in contact with their clubs to demand that they vote against the financially troubled giants playing in the top division next season. Their preference is for Rangers to apply to join the Scottish Football League and to start again in the Third Division – but what would Gers fans like to see happen? The answer’s not as straightforward as you might think. Football Burp paid a visit to The Bears’ Den forum to gauge opinion…

Rangers fans debate SPL or Third Division

CallumFinkMcInnes, The Bears’ Den

I want to go to the 3rd division and watch the karma Bite the clubs who kicked us down when we were already down.

tartansmokie, The Bears’ Den

3rd division for me but I cant see the SPL voting against us as they all have too much to lose.

Marco Negri’s Beard, The Bears’ Den

Staying in the SPL does give us a chance of hanging on to a few players mind you. Would be sad to see Ness/McCabe/Perry etc leave if we opt to go to Division 3. Having said that, they are gonna put some ridiculous sanctions on us should we remain in the SPL. With sensible head on, it becomes a tough situation

El Carpintero, The Bears’ Den

Banned from Europe for 3 years anyway so lets go to the 3rd division, start again and watch the SPL implode.

Scottio19, The Bears’ Den

3rd division for me and many others I would have thought but we have to understand whoever owns the club will look for the option that offers most income and the SPL with the sanctions is that option unfortunately.

It will be 3 years of hell imo with everyone and their dog kicking us in the crotch while we can do nothing, if this is to be the case then boycotts are a MUST because it is all we have left to defend ourselves if we are to face these punishments.

I’m ready for it though, The Rangers WILL come through this.

Dennis, The Bears’ Den

We go begging to the SPL, I won’t be back.

Swagger, The Bears’ Den

3rd Division no question. All these fuckers have loved this whole fiasco and are adamant that they’ll be fine without us – PISH. I would also like to see no Rangers fan going to any game in the SPL. There are fans who might go occasionally to see their “local” teams and that’s fair enough but not now. If and while we’re out of it not another penny should be given to any of these gloating pricks

Gaffbear, The Bears’ Den

3rd division and watch as falling crowds,no tv money and no sponsorship cash makes the spl implode …

I’ll love kicking those bastards on the way back up again.

Scottio19, The Bears’ Den

I really cannot see many of our players staying when we will have to renegotiate contracts at a reduced level and the thought of no Euro football for 3 years will be a bitter blow for most. One of the main draws of playing for us these days in the guarantee of some sort of European football be it qualifiers ect.

The Greggs, Naismiths, Davis’s ect are all gone imo, how can we keep them now? They are Rangers fans yes but they are also ambitious footballers who want to play at the highest level and win things, do any of us expect them to wait 3 years or more for that?

Would you like to see Rangers begin next season in the SPL or Third Division? Have your say in the comments section below…