Nottingham Forest fans respond to Alex McLeish departure

Alex McLeish
McLeish… Pocketing severance? (Img: Damien22)

Shock news: Alex McLeish has left Nottingham Forest after just 40 days in charge! The former Birmingham City and Aston Villa manager had this to say…

I am extremely saddened to be leaving after such a short period but even so it has been a privilege to be manager of such a fantastic football club and I want to thank the players, staff and fans for their support and wish Nottingham Forest the best of fortunes ahead. Both parties entered into the relationship in good faith, however, there was a difference in the understanding of the development strategy of the football club and it was felt by both parties that we should part company.

Football Burp mosied on down to Forest forums LTLF ForestForum, ForestFans.net and Vital Forest to see what the City Ground faithful had to say about it all, and who they’d like to see replace McLeish…

Alex McLeish leaves Nottingham Forest

NDM91, LTLF ForestForum

Good lord. I hope those who wanted him out are pleased when his replacement walks in.

Mr Smith, ForestFans.net

McLeish was as mediocre as Sean O’Driscoll. No loss, let’s get somebody good in this time.

ollyman, LTLF ForestForum

good – was never the right fit – but who is gonna want this job? no one in their right mind would take it surely!!

Fatles, ForestFans.net

Altogether “we want our Billy back”
He’s the only man out there that deserves a second chance.
With the right backing (that he never truly got under Doughty & Marthur) he can take us onward and upward.
FFS nobody even say Hoddle, just dont go there.

TheDude, LTLF ForestForum

Really don’t know what to think. It’s a little sad I think. Didn’t like AMc but managers walking out isn’t good.

incapable hulk, LTLF ForestForum

Is there any doubt left the club is a shambles.

They are out doing Venky’s

No one with any self respect is going to want the job. Complete laughing stock.

payola1980, Vital Forest

These owners want the fans back onside…they want to go up this season, clearly didn’t see sod or McLeish doing it. This has billy davies on a short term contract written all over it. They have probably been in touch with him for the last two weeks, wouldn’t suprise me if it was indeed him who told them not to sign boyd. Davies is coming…

Widdow, Vital Forest

Will Chairman try to get fans back onside by bringing back Billy??? …Fawaz does think things have gone wrong since he left. Remember Nat Jacksons deleted tweet yesterday?

For me he should do all he can to get Nigel Adkins, only guy I think every fan would be behind…I just hope he would want to come

Chilwell_Red, Vital Forest

I can see Billy Davies happening, Billy (or should I say his ego) would love to come riding to the rescue, Fawaz at the same times appeases a large section of the Forest support who to this day still call for his return. 6 month deal perhaps ?

Jimboreds, LTLF ForestForum

Never had the fans backing, poor manager, deluded tactics. The right decision. Lets not rush this next one and think about who could really get us all together and signing the same tune. They have to be right for the club.

Roxoff, ForestFans.net

I’d just like to see a manager come in that the owners would actually pin the club to – someone they see as being here for the foreseeable future and who would bring in an approach and stability that the club can be built up on. I’d get behind them. Unless it was Sven. Or Owen Coyle.

EmmersonForest4, LTLF ForestForum

Agree its a bad day for Forest and its been a turbulent season we should all stick together. We might be all in agreement with who we want as next manager and Adkins could be the man.

Danny, ForestFans.net

Adkins won’t touch us. He reportedly had trouble from his previous chairman and his stock is high enough to chose carefully his next job. Obviously what McLeish was sold a few weeks ago was miles away from the reality.

forestmad80, LTLF ForestForum

Wow, didn’t want him here in the first place but backed him as much as reasonably possible.

Adkins, Di Canio or Billy Davies.

Who would you like to see as Alex McLeish’s successor, Forest fans? Have your say in the comments section below…