Forum Thread of the Week: Newcastle fans lambast Alan Pardew on way to victory

St James's Park
Toon Army… Back on the march?

Newcastle United looked set for another second half collapse when their 1-0 half time lead over Chelsea was overturned on Saturday, but the Magpies fought back to win 3-2 with a brace for new boy Moussa Sissoko. Football Burp mosied on down to Newcastle Online to see what the Toon Army faithful had to say about manager Alan Pardew in the wake of this emotional rollercoaster, and so moved were we by the range of emotions on show that their live action documentation makes for our message board thread of the week…

Alan Pardew cops blame as half time lead goes to pot


For the third game in a row, first half absolutely spot on despite the questionable selection. Now please, learn, and don’t ruin the second!


Don’t Use Negative Tactics please , just let the team play and stay in the middle of the pitch.
Pushing all the whole team into our own half and using Shola is a outlet is just stupid


We need to sack him, he simply isn’t learning from his mistakes. Same old every week, it’s like f***ing Groundhog Day this season man. Absolute joke.


What does he do at half time?


Why do we always start so slow and defensive coming out? Goodness just ask the team to attack. Much better in the 1st halfs because we go out looking to score


“Sit back, don’t push more than 3 players forward, give them the impetus” (Pardew, 2013).


We need to check to see if he regular puts bets on for NUFC winning at half time, opposition to win at full time.


Have to wonder what’s going on at half time like.

Does he make snuff movies with kids and screen them at half time in the dressing room or something?


quality team with quality players pulls off 2 wonder goals shocker


Ok, we equalised. Must give Pardew credit?

Is that how this works?

After full time

Oakie Doke

redeemed himself a little today.


Makes early subs = disjointed performances

Leaves team to get on with it = spirited comeback

Not as simple as that, but.


10/10 today. He f***ing nailed it. Everything.


The sitting back after half time is still f***ing s*** but the subs were spot on and the lack of hoofing (alright, bar the last couple minutes but that’s to be expected) and the lack of Shola were very good today.


Fantastic manager, always had faith.

Han Colo

Good positive sub in Marveux was a great call. Hopefully he is learning.


Hate him but today, fair play, he didn’t panic when we went behind. Well done Alan.


It was almost a good thing Chelsea scored so early on in the second half, meant we had to leave on our attacking players, well done Pards fair play


Had absolutely no complaints about Pardew today, I’d have started a different team but we went for it, played very well and deserved to win. That’s all you can ask. Well done, you Cockney gobshite.


Leaving Pace on for the counter won us that match. Bringing on Marv was a good decison aswell. Having Cisse, Gouffran and Sissoko for the counter is so much better than having Shola.

You won back a little piece of my heart today Pards but it’s what we should have been doing all along. What a game.


Came back from behind.

Made a sensible sub.

Touchline arguements.

Fist pump.

Love it.

Dinho lad

Nothing has changed. But credit where it’s due.


Fair play you c***


I hope that this medication that stops him from making terrible subs is on a long term subscription.


I repeat, we didn’t sit back today.

More please, Pardew. You still owe us lots this season.


Fair play today, even though we still managed to do our usual concede 2 in the second half I don’t think we particularly sat back, just two unreal finishes.


He had the bravery in the 2nd half to put Marv on and we won.

Well done for once.


Can’t believe we won another game where he picked Jonas and Perch like. I was assured we stood no chance in both from many people – some who are old enough to know far, far better.

It wasn’t a vintage footballing performance and the period after HT looked like us reverting to type, but we’ve shown huge fortitude to come through and win again. There’s another monkey off our back to boot (no away wins, not coming from behind to win.)

Thought the Marveaux sub proved to be a little peach of a move too. Fair play Pards.


Really thought we would implode after those two class goals from Chelsea like, the new players have clearly added not just quality, but a new energy and belief to the team. If we had these players from the start man, where would we be now!?

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