Embattled Manager of the Week: Sam Allardyce

Embattled Manager of the Week: Sam Allardyce of West Ham United
Allardyce... Embattled (Img: Tal Ofer)

West Ham United dipped 4-2 at home to Reading on Saturday to fall four points behind the Royals in pursuit of automatic promotion to the Premier League.

The result leaves the Irons with just one win out of seven, cranking up the heat on Sam Allardyce (the real one) like some gross stew.

Yes, it’s time for Football Burp’s Embattled Manager of the Week!

Embattled Manager of the Week:

Sam Allardyce, West Ham United

Stands accused of…

englandsnumber13, Knees Up Mother Brown:

“I cant see why the majority of us on here can see the problem but Big Sam cant! When he went for it in the 2nd half v Burnley we ripped them appart now granted we missed enough chances to win 2 games but at least we had a go. I think baldock and maynard would be great together up top but because they are not big target men it will never happen. Why buy them in the first place?”

Hermit Road, West Ham Online:

“I expected us to be promoted automatically this year. I don’t think that’s unreasonable given our squad, our manager and our attendances. Anything less, including the playoff lottery, is an underachievement in my view.”

cockney hammer, Knees Up Mother Brown:

“i was so looking forward to this season having our season tickets back again do not think me and jack will renew next seaon i have had enough of this **** sam is doing my head in…”

Eric.C., West Ham Online:

“Allardyce is probably as we speak sitting on his fat arse in a Canary Wharf restaurant telling all and sundry what a wonderful manager who knows how to win football matches he is,the fat c**t. The trouble is he doesn’t know how to win enough of them at the Boleyn,the fat c**t.”

Muddy, Knees Up Mother Brown:

“I don’t like the bloke at all, this season’s football has been shockingly boring and frustrating, never wanted him in the first place.”

stewie griffin, West Ham Online:

“The board and the manager set those expectations. They both talked bullishly about promotion. The manager rammed his two points per game target down everyone’s throats. They can’t start managing expectations and talking them down now, just because they have failed, badly.”

steveyrockstar, Knees Up Mother Brown:

“having endured what has been served up this season which includes edging results, showing total tactical stubborness and – the big thing – very little sign of change or improvement (unlike the earlier ‘dark days’ of Pards), there’s now a part of me that doesn’t want us to go up so we can get rid of him. I have been bored stiff this season and I can’t see us ever evolving under his watch.”

In his defence…

twoleftfeet, WestHamOnline.net:

“He fucked us up when he was manager of Bolton and now he is doing the same as our manager. When he was Bolton manager he use to knock the “West Ham way” and now he has destroyed it. Get the fat prick out of the club and take Nolan and Taylor with him.”

In his defence…

Bill, Knees Up Mother Brown:

“I have been a real critic of Allardyce and his style of play, but I don’t think he got much wrong on Saturday. We started with a decent formation and style of play and Reading hardly got out of their half in the first half an hour. The crowd was well up for it and I couldn’t see anything but a West ham win until 2 cock-ups and some lucky ricochets gifted them 2 quick goals at the end of the first half. I was gutted at HT, but felt there was still cause for optimism. The HT substitution was a strange one, but I assumed it was an injury that forced it.”

North Bank Hammer, WestHamFans.org:

“When Sam was appointed he talked about how he was going to overhaul the club internally with structure brought to how players are bought and sold, training, development, fitness regimes etc. This kind of change happens slowly and is a long term plan something which other adopted years ago to combat the increased cost in players wages signing fees and everything else that goes with that. We took the Icelandic route instead and look where we are. I’m still hoping on promotion but I’m keeping faith in the plan.”

shammy, Knees Up Mother Brown:

“I think its been a good season on the whole. Look at Leicester, they were the biggest spenders and favourites to win the league. Personally I think one or both of the top two will deckchair under the pressure and we will go up automatically anyway.”

Dicks is the man, WestHamFans.org:

“I’d be happy for him to stay. I’ve seen enough improvement in the players and he has laid the foundations of a hard working side which we’ve lacked since curbs. He can’t produce miracles on a budget like he’s got so I’m all for stability rather than square one again.”

So, how does Sam Allardyce square up on the Embattled-O-Meter?

Embattled Manager of the Week: Sam Allardyce of West Ham United
Allardyce... Mobile, just not upwardly (Img: Michael Kjaer)

Unpopularity rating…


Derisive nicknames…

‘Fat Sam’, ‘C**nty B*****ks’ and ‘Wham! Mallard Dice’

Estimated number of games left to save his job…

Until end of season (potentially anything from six to nine)

Embattled Manager of the Week: Sam Allardyce of West Ham Unitedsays…

Blackburn Rovers fans were glad to see the back of him even off the back of a top ten finish and a solid start to the following season. Granted they didn’t know what would come next, but it says much for the unlikelihood of Allardyce’s troglodytic approach to football ever changing no matter where he is. “I could manage Barca,” he may have once said something a bit like, apparently. He’d be hounded out of town after the first long ball soars over Lionel Messi’s head and out for a goal kick.

Allardyce – in or out? Have your say in the comments section below…