Embattled Manager of the Week: Neil Warnock, Leeds United

Neil Warnock
Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Leeds United’s rocky form under Neil Warnock continued with a demoralising 2-0 defeat at local rivals Barnsley on Saturday, so Football Burp visited Whites forums Marching on Together, LUFC Talk to find the Elland Road broadly agreeing that a change is in order…

Stands accused of…

mike, Marching on Together…

I accept we have a bad record there [at Barnsley], but they are on their knees and should have been put to the sword.

If we have any ambition, Warnock needs to go now, bring in someone new, don’t wasting any money we may have been prepared to spend, see this season out and have a go next.

Warnock isn’t the person to take us forward

bogdan, LUFC Talk…

No more hiding from things, I must say. December was a busy month with a couple of results maybe excusable on things like lack of the odd lucky break (Forest) and quality of opponents (Hull). But losing to a shit side without a manager in the manner like today is quite simply unacceptable. Will be interesting to hear the post-match interview, because a couple of the poor results recently seemed to border on dodgy excuses, but with some more tricky games ahead, the Barnsley & Bristol double should have been nothing short of 6 points for us, even without the likes of Tonge and Barkley and Tate. Much like this time last season with Grayson, it might be time for both Warnock and fans to admit it’s just not working out despite best intentions from the bench.

Kepler, Marching on Together…

If he is not fired now, I have lost all trust in GHF, and they will not get it back, even if they signed messi and the rest of the top 25 in the world

Fernandopartridge, LUFC Talk…

NW is going to have to pull his finger out and fast, for a man who demands passion and a work rate he cannot get the lads up for these Yorkshire derbies! For me we should be looking at Alan Curbishley/Di Cannio!

Dimboyslim, Marching on Together…

That’s enough for me.Colin has to go!
If GFH can not see it then we really are in trouble. I am sick of pathetic excuses & performances.
Every Yorkshire club wants to stick it to Leeds & will raise their game, so why can’t we be ready for it?
Colin could not raise his game with a skip full of Viagra!
This week we had that pile of tripe about transfer targets, I think any player would love the opportunity to play for LUFC,
they just don’t want to play for Colin!
Also before anyone starts about getting behind the team etc.
I was around in the dark days of the 80’s this is just as bad,if not worse!

DaveH, LUFC Talk….

remember the words from Warnock after the Derby game and saying to Clough he would never see a Leeds team of his playing like that with so little passion.

So what is the excuse today !!!

faaip, Marching on Together…

The argument we should just sit back and let the season run it’s mid division course is not acceptable. I agree we’re not getting into the playoffs this year, but we have to start thinking of the future now and not in the close season. Teams take time to build and then gel.

NW making excuses and blaming the officials again…Drury in bed with flu. White not good enough to supplant Peltier, which shows he really thinks White is shite.

NottinghamWhite, LUFC Talk…

9 out of the 11 starters today are Colin’s signings no excuses, poor tactics and hoof ball is not the answer. It’s a Warnock out for me.

weasel, Marching on Together…

Would have been better off if NW was in bed.

Wonder at which position he is comparing Peltier and White as it seems he wants to play the right footed Peltier at left back and left footed White on the right wing.

If we were playing well and creating chances then defeats are acceptable. The trouble is we are not and even when we win it is usually been because we have scored a couple of our very few chances and not because we have played well.

MightyWhite, LUFC Talk…

As far as I am concerned we have little to no chance of reaching the play-offs playing the way we currently are (and have been for the last year) under Warnock.

Then when you take into account the fact that Warnock only has six months left on his contract and is planning on retiring at then end of the season, that we currently have enough points on the board and a good enough squad to avoid relegation no matter how terrible the new manager is (I doubt he will be worse than Warnock), and that that there is two and a half weeks left in the transfer window – it is obvious that now is the time to stick or twist.

We have everything to gain and nothing to lose from twisting.

No hard feelings, but Warnock out.

Grogger, Marching on Together…

Sick of hoof ball tactics, Peltier is turd and being played out of position, no passion from any of the team and sick of Colins excuses!!

Haven’t played decent since the Huddersfield game. Don’t know where we go from here the season is over now!

Barney, LUFC Talk…

I’ve been a warnock fan since he was appointed. To be honest it was more to do with the straight talking and openness after the completely opposite way Grayson had of dealing with everything. I also think he put far more pressure on bates with the way he dealt with things than Grayson’s style.
I thought he assembled a decent squad with the meagre (sell before you buy) budget. However,my foot has now moved into the warnock out camp. Our style lacks any imagination or fluidity,there is a distinct lack of pace in the team and he doesn’t seen capable of changing things when they’re obviously going wrong. We’ve been poor (barring a couple of exceptions) for pretty much the entire season. Even in the games we’ve won,we’ve generally not played well at all.
All of the above coupled with the fact that he has said he’s retiring at the end of the season seem to point to only one logical decision for me…it’s time to go and allow us to get someone in immediately who can sign his own players in January with an outside chance of making the playoffs but more realistically with a view to assembling a team capable of giving it a proper real good go next season.
And on a side note,if any club were foolish enough to offer us 3m for becchio I’d snap their hands off and take it.

Norm, Marching on Together…

There have been remarks about players out of position, etc., but I hadn’t thought too much about the effect that could have on already fragile egos. Has NW got it so wrong that the players don’t know how to get it right? I’ve not been a fan of his public derogatory comments about certain players. This very fallout could be the result of him ignoring that management tenet.

At any rate, I think he needs to go – in May if not now. What you guys are witnessing and I’m hearing is bad and he doesn’t seem to have a clue.

Stockport White, LUFC Talk…

A right back taking the place of the left back he signed
Top scorer this season and last left on the bench
Played 4 central midfielders today

….and on an on.

And have you heard this interview tonight?? He blamed the ref, the pitch, the opposition and a foul on Ross without seeing the glaringly obvious fact that we were outplayed by the bottom place team in this league.

1964white, Marching on Together…

He must have thick skin if he didn’t get the message from 1000’s of fans today not the best fans in the country anymore are we Mr Warnock the word angry is an understatement as far as many fans are concerned….i personally refused to waste any breathe on Warnock & his players as they trudged off the pitch with their heads down. Only Becchio & the new kid on the block Barkley were excempt of any abuse as far as i could see !

In his defence…

saintjimmy, LUFC Talk…

I thought at the time when we got rid of Grayson ( who did have to go imho ) that NW was the best guy for the job I really did, but the results and performances of the last few games have been utter shite, he has got a lot of his own players in now, some backing from GFH ( I think ) but we find ourselves no better off from last year, he should at the very least be able to raise the players for a game against the bottom side in the league even if they always play above their level against us, as do they all.

I just do not get what is going so wrong, is it NW ?or is it some of the players?, who quite frankly seem to be shitting themselves at playing for Leeds , devoid any passion , spirit , or heart for a battle, he does need to come out and say how long he plans to be in the job too this can’t help matters and maybe if things don’t get better in january it wont be his decision to make.

It sounded like the fans at Barnsley did give him and the players some stick and he said he would walk if the fans were not with him all the way, feel very low and arsed off with it all myself, as do we all , but what do NW and GFH make of it? are we still just a couple of players away from a good team? or has it gone tits up.

NW in or out? it’s his first transfer window with any money to spend but can he get those players in that will turn us around I think he’s got a big 2 or 3 weeks coming up.

In for me,…. JUST.

The Johnson, LUFC Talk…

I still think he is the right man for the job. I saw someone mention all the signings NW has made, but let’s be honest. If he had the backing of the board throughout, would he have signed those players? He openly wanted to sell McCormack and bring in Mackail-Smith but instead he had to renew McCormack’s contract. That hasn’t been beneficial for the team or the player because it was quite clear that he wasn’t wanted! He had to get rid of Snodgrass to fund most of these purchases and I just don’t think that you sack him without giving him the transfer window with full support. He is a good manager and can get the job done, he has just had no real backing so far.

Neil Warnock: in or out, Leeds fans? Have your say in the comments section below…