West Ham and Celtic lose to each other in shock Euro qualifier

Baffled UEFA contemplating what happens next.

West Ham's manager was stunned as they mutually lost to Celtic
SLUMPED: Slaven (Image: ultraslansi)

West Ham and Celtic have somehow contrived to lose to each other in a bizarre European football qualifier.

Both teams turned in woeful performances to slump to mutual defeat in a result that’s already being described as “unprecedented”.

Slaven Bilić’s Hammers and Brendan Rodgers’s Hoops both fielded strong sides in an attempt to secure European competition for the 2016-17 season.

But a quite unexpected turn of events has left UEFA scratching their collective head and contemplating what to do next.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, an official spokesperson for the governing body floated the idea of a new tournament just for the two of them.

They said: “This has never happened before, and we’re all quite intrigued to see if it could happen again.

“I suppose it’s a bit like a coin landing on its side, if that coin then shattered structurally and burst into flames.

“Maybe some kind of competition equivalent of a dunce’s corner might be in order. They could wear conical hats and play to the Benny Hill theme.

“These are exciting times at UEFA HQ.”