RVP RSVPs for RFC as BDO appeal EBTs with HMRC, says SMSM

Former AFC and MUFC OAP gives ETA of ASAP, confirming he's OK after an ACL.

RSVP’D: RVP (Image: Florian K)

Former AFC and MUFC striker RVP has RSVP’d for RFC in the SPL as the club’s joint liquidators BDO continue to appeal their EBTs case with HMRC, according to the SMSM.

RVP, an OAP, says he’s OK after an ACL injury, FYI, and he’s expected to give RFC an ETA of ASAP once he’s calibrated the GPS in his BMW.

A B&B will be found for RFC’s new VIP, which has been their MO since finding their finances FUBAR, at least according to the SFA.

Speaking at a Q&A, RVP said he hoped to become RFC’s MVP once he was done washing down his BLT with a cool glass of OJ.

He said: “CFC for the SPL? LOL! NIMBY.

“RFC needs some TLC what with the whole EBTs thing with HMRC, but if we can all abide by the mantra of DYB then it’s RFC FTW, IMHO.

“As things stand it’s all TBA so I get a bit of R&R in the meantime, maybe kick back with a G&T and listen to JO’B on LBC.

“I’ll stop now.”