Wayne Rooney dives to be depicted on commemorative plate

First hundred dishes to be erratically signed by a mid-tumble Rooney.

Wayne Rooney dives might follow  a minor coming-together such as this
DOVE AGAIN: Rooney (Image: BikeMike)

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be hankering to see to see all your favourite Wayne Rooney dives illustrated together on a porcelain china dish of some kind.


Well, you may soon be the proud owner of your own little piece of history because the British Ceramic Confederation has announced the release of an exciting new plate for all us Rooney dive fans out there.

The plate measures in at a staggering 18 inches, making it ideal for buffets as well as depicting the life’s work of a true English great.

When Vine clips of last night’s Rooney dive against Preston mysteriously disappeared, conspiracy theorists accused Man Utd of attempting to whitewash the incident.

However, it now appears that the disappearance of the Vines was the result of pre-emptive purges by the British Ceramics Confederation’s in-house marketing department.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, a spokesperson for the federation revealed that the first hundred plates will come personally signed by Rooney.

He said: “The signature even trails off erratically midway through as we asked him to do some dives while he was signing the plates.

“He was only too happy to oblige and I can only applaud his professionalism.”