Twitter literally explodes as Barcelona get proper gubbing for once

Twitter explodes
Boom boom!

Bayern Munich’s 4-0 Champions League semi final first leg win over Barcelona last night caused Twitter to literally explode, it has been gone done said.

The social network, eminent, just could not contain its excitement as the German side plundered goal after goal after goal (after goal), including one from former Chelsea middle-aged bloke Arjen Robben that saw him take out his marker with the assistance of Terry Tate Office Linebacker.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Twitter lurker and forthcoming Bayern manager – no, not ‘coach’, you sickly queg – Pep Guardiola insisted that what we saw last night very much constitutes “a madness”.

He raved: “Better from Bayern! That has to be one of the most thoroughly dench all-round performances I’ve ever seen, and I saw a fair few during my Barcelona days.

“I only flicked over to the match by accident while settling down to catch up with Broadchurch, and I was all like ‘oh my days!’ It was literally the most random thing I’ve ever seen, at least since I offered Xavi a Revel.

“Suffice it to say, I am now well looking forward to assuming the Allianz Arena hot seat. Well, well, well looking forward to it. Know what I mean?”

He then inserted a string a emoticons that didn’t show up properly for some reason. Or are they called emojis now?

Anyway, this is what it looks like when Twitter literally explodes:

Thank you Bayern. Sincerely, every football club in the world which’s been destroyed by Barcelona one time or the other.

— X-Min (@Sychlops) April 24, 2013

Barcelona just got a proper taste! Are we now going to be copying Bayern for the next 5 years? Lets use our own philosophy to be world class

— Chris Casper (@ChrisCasper1) April 23, 2013

Barcelona got the dick! #madness

— Ellis Harrison (@EllisHarrison1) April 23, 2013

Barcelona got their pants pulled down and their backsides spanked after their humiliation started with a severe wedgie! #bulliedbyBayern

— Luke Edwards (@LukeEdwardsTele) April 23, 2013

See? Literally exploded.