Spurs fans vote to rename Wembley ‘Stadiumy McStadiumface’

Action taken to ease mental burden of playing Champions League games there.

Wembley's Bobby Moore statue psyched out Spurs
PRESTIGIOUS: Wembley (Image: Ian Gratton)

Tottenham Hotspur supporters have voted overwhelmingly in favour of renaming Wembley to Stadiumy McStadiumface in order to ease the mental burden of playing there.

0-1 defeats to Monaco and Bayer Leverkusen have made Wembley an unhappy home ground for Spurs in the Champions League, with many blaming its dazzling prestige for the team’s underperformance.

An online poll proposing alternative, less illustrious names has just been brought to a close, with Stadiumy McStadiumface comfortably dispatching rivals such as Justin Edinburgh Castle and Stadio del Ruel Fox.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Mauricio Pochettino welcomed the proposed name change.

He said: “Anything that deflects criticism from myself and my team is okay by me.

“I think Stadiumy McStadiumface has a certain panache about it, not to mention a lightness of touch that would really relieve the pressure on us.

“Personally I voted for Ledley King Shin Pad Emporium, but this works just as well.”