Spoof football websites unionise against international breaks

Pickings decidedly slim for sites such as this one.

International breaks have killed this satirist's hope
DESPAIR: Satirist (Image: stuartpilbrow)

Satirical football blogs are to unionise in opposition to the spate of international breaks that mar early season activity.

Websites such as Football Burp, Soccer Belch and Goal Fart will pool resources to insure themselves against the traditionally event-free fortnights of qualifiers for major tournaments.

Whereas spoof non-football sites have spent the last week Trumped up to the eyeballs, pickings have been decidedly slim for their football counterparts.

And this latest international break comes hot on the heels of that one a few weeks ago, which in turn followed swiftly on from the one a few weeks before that.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, a spokesperson for Football Burp decried the “catastrophic” state of affairs.

They said: “It really has come to something when you’ve no recourse other than to quote yourself.

“Is anybody even reading this? Hello? Not a murmur.

“I’d give my right arm for Joey Barton to headbutt an orangutan right now.”