Romelu Lukaku urged to display manhood to settle racism debate

Man Utd fans' new chant comes in for criticism.

Romelu Lukaku's manhood is the subject of a chant
LUNCH BOX: Lukaku (Image: Александр Осипов)

Romelu Lukaku has been urged to show his manhood on television in order to settle the debate as to whether Man Utd fans’ new chant is racist.

Anti-racism organisation Kick It Out implored the Old Trafford faithful not to sing the chant, telling them: “kick it out”.

But Football Burp understands that supporters will be permitted to sing it if it can be proved that Lukaku does indeed have a massive member.

One fan said: “It’s just a bit of fun, albeit it is grounded in a racial stereotype.

“But what if Lukaku is in fact hugely hung? You can’t very well ban a chant that’s rooted in good old honest fact.

“The player himself could settle this all right now with a single Instagram post, but I’d prefer the big reveal to be worked into a goal celebration.

“At least I hope it’s a big reveal, because I was one of the ones leading the chanting and I have at least three black friends.

“Incidentally, they all have humongous wangs.”