Nigel Farage applauds Man City’s “blatant euroscepticism”

UKIP leader expresses solidarity with City's apparent determination to leave Europe.

Nigel Farage
FAN: Farage (Image: Euro Realist Newsletter)

UKIP leader Nigel Farage has hailed what he perceives to be a “fiercely eurosceptic” stance from Manchester City in the wake of last night’s Champions League defeat to Barcelona.

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The beer-swilling everyman, media-savvy, was impressed by City’s obvious commitment to leaving Europe after watching them yield two first-half goals to Luis Suárez in a decidedly lacklustre performance.

Some pointed to a gulf in class, others to City missing the suspended Yaya Touré – but Farage was in no doubt as to the root of the issue.

He said: “It was clearly an act of defiance, one I would like to express solidarity with.

“You may recall that us UKIP MEPs turned our backs when the EU anthem was played at the opening of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, and that’s something we picked up from City fans.

“How pleasing it was, then, to flick on ITV last night and see City’s players performing with an attitude to the continent which very much reflects our own.

“What with those Chelsea fans taking it upon themselves to enforce apartheid law on Paris last week, I think it’s been a sterling week both for British football and for far-right politics.”

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett was unavailable for comment.

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