“We’re calling Mourinho’s bluff,” confirm referees

Constant bleating about conspiracies blows up in Chelsea boss's face.

José Mourinho
MOPY: Mourinho (Image: Christophe95)

Top Premier League referees have released a joint statement confirming that they do intend to call José Mourinho’s bluff every step of the way from now on.

The Chelsea manager, surly, had already been vocal in his belief in the existence of some sort of conspiracy against his side when they got stitched up good and proper, sort of, against Burnley.

It now transpires that referees, fed up to the teeth with Mourinho’s petulant posturing, are determined to see said posturing backfire on the Portuguese and will officiate quite resolutely against him forthwith.

Unless he apologises. Live on TV. While dressed as one half of a panto cow. At the back end of John McCririck. Just after a red-hot curry.

Or green-hot, depending on the chilli used.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, all Premier League referees told us in no uncertain terms to refer to their press release.

They chorused: “Please refer to the press release in which we explain that we’ve decided to flick a collective and defiant V squarely in the direction of Mr Mourinho.

“The reason being of course, as you alluded to, his constant insinuations that we’ve all got it in for Chelsea for some obscure reason.

“Well now we do. Your move, José.”

Mourinho, or indeed anyone even remotely close to him, was unavailable for comment.