Lee Nelson revels in latest prank as he plays for England dressed as Jordan Henderson

Japester follows up Theresa May P45 with shocking performance in Lithuania.

Jordan Henderson playing for Liverpool
JAPED: Jordan (Image: John Jones)

Lee Nelson was today celebrating his latest prank after he managed to play for England in Lithuania while dressed as Jordan Henderson.

The japester, real name Simon Brodkin, real name Fernando Garcia, misplaced several passes and was generally useless in England’s latest turgid win.

It comes just days after he successfully gave Theresa May a cough by handing her a P45 at the Conservative party conference in Manchester.

And it comes just one football-themed prank after his wacky attempt to pass off his Jason Bent character as funny.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, England boss Gareth Southgate was unconvinced.

He said: “I could have sworn that was Jordan Henderson. Are you sure it wasn’t?

“The Liverpool guy, right? I did think he looked a bit different but then he went out and played just like him.

“So I dunno.”