Harry Kane’s daughter to live, decides dubious oaths panel

No sacrifice required as Spurs striker is awarded goal at Stoke.

Harry Kane's daughter is not pictured here
ABLE: Kane (Image: Catherine Kõrtsmik)

Harry Kane’s daughter will be allowed to live after the dubious oaths panel ruled that the Spurs striker was correct to swear on her life that he’d scored against Stoke.

Although a Christian Eriksen free kick in the 2-1 victory appeared to go straight in, Kane insisted the ball had brushed his shoulder, offering his daughter’s existence as collateral.

Following the dubious goals panel’s decision to award the goal to Kane, the dubious oaths panel declared that no biblical slaughter need take place.

Their statement said: “We’re delighted to confirm that Harry Kane’s daughter need not be sacrificed on the altar of accurate goal decisions.

“We’d also like to congratulate Harry on his astute parenting during a difficult time.”