The best jokes as dubious goal against Stoke awarded to Harry Kane

Decision to award strike to teammate overturned "after taking the player's testimony into account".

The Harry Kane dubious goal jokes are coming in after the panel awarded Spurs' second in their 2-1 there to the striker
SUPPOSEDLY SCORED: Kane (Image: Brad Tutterow)

The Premier League goals accreditation panel have awarded Spurs’ second against Stoke in their 2-1 win there on Saturday to Harry Kane following a successful appeal, despite a lack of evidence.

Originally given to teammate Christian Eriksen, the striker’s instance that it was he who got the final touch seems to have convinced the adjudicators who overturned their decision “after taking the player’s testimony into account”.

These were the best of the Harry Kane dubious goal jokes after the panel’s decision to give Eriksen’s strike against Stoke to the Englishman following an appeal:

A big well done to The Premier League Goal Accreditation Appeals Panel who have just saved the life of Harry Kane's daughter.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) April 11, 2018


Kane after sacrificing his daughter for the Golden Boot and still not winning it pic.twitter.com/dcCcPfIv4H

— Post-Nut Clarity (@GreyThoughts) April 11, 2018

Harry Kane is completely desperate to make sure Aguero doesn’t finish second in the golden boot race

— The Anfield Talk* (@TheAnfieldTalk) April 11, 2018

Harry Kane turned up at Spurs training this morning in a Mo Salah mask claiming he's in the semi final of the Champions League,

— Tim Bolton * (@timbolton1) April 11, 2018

Harry Kane after Mo wins the Golden boot pic.twitter.com/4zW0JFeY9O

— Cal (@CallenLFC) April 11, 2018

Harry Kane has just claimed paternity for Billie Jean’s son.

— Andy Heaton (@Andrew_Heaton) April 11, 2018


Harry Kane has claimed Dele Alli's birthday cards as his own.

— BetVictor (@BetVictor) April 11, 2018

Bet Harry Kane is now combing through all the goals Spurs have scored over the last four years, wondering what he can get away with claiming, like he’s been missold PPI insurance.

— Chris Hewitt (@ChrisHewittLFC) April 11, 2018

Harry Kane has rightly and finally been recognised as discovering penicillin. Congratulations Harry.

— Justin Moorhouse (@justinmoorhouse) April 11, 2018



When you see that Harry Kane has been awarded the goal but you won't be getting the fantasy points for it… pic.twitter.com/oOSqe7Cagm

— ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) April 11, 2018

Bad day for Christian Eriksen, Good day for Harry Kane’s daughter.

— Sachin Nakrani (@SachinNakrani) April 11, 2018

Harry Kane definitely took his ball off his mates when his mum called him in for his tea.

— David Hickman (@DavidHickman87) April 11, 2018

Frank Lampard's ghost goal against Germany in 2010 has been retroactively awarded to Harry Kane. #CFC

— The Pride of London (@PrideOLondon) April 11, 2018




hope you start at the WC lad, need a proper brexit striker, Kane definitely voted remain

— Joey (@Joey_CFC) April 11, 2018

Kane has Vardy so rattled that he’s going against his principals and supporting a Muslim https://t.co/kM6vzm8164

— Billie (@Billie_T) April 11, 2018




I really really hope Harry Kane wins the golden boot by one goal

— Ashley Watts (@AshWatts93) April 11, 2018

Urgent message: You have until Friday 8pm to claim your miss-sold PPI before Harry Kane decides it’s his.

— The Redmen TV (@TheRedmenTV) April 11, 2018


Harry Kane just turned into that guy who claimed to have sex with the hottest girl in class, everyone knew damn well he never did, but still had no way off factually knowing if he did or not.

— Jonas Giæver (@CheGiaevara) April 11, 2018


Harry Kane just claimed my first child.

— Simon Brodkin (@SimonBrodkin) April 11, 2018


Our second goal at @TranmereRovers last night has now been awarded to Harry Kane. https://t.co/4mAUfiYgPU

— Gateshead FC (@GatesheadFC) April 11, 2018

Harry Kane claims he can speak fluent English

— Mark Doyle (@MarkDoyle73) April 11, 2018

Real Madrid 0-1 Juventus (Harry Kane)

— Football Stands (@TheFootyStands) April 11, 2018