Football has changed slightly in 25 years, says shock new report

There's more money and foreigners and stuff, study finds.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich
A foreigner with money (Image: John Dobson)

Football in this country has changed slightly over the course of twenty-five years, according to the findings of a shock new report.

This season marks a quarter of a century since the formation of the Premier League, one of the most lucrative rebranding exercises in history.

And one eye-opening study has concluded that English football has changed a little bit in that time, with the starkest differences being the amounts of money and foreigners.

One boffin said: “Everything else is largely the same, with similar numbers of matches, goals and players on each side.

“There are more substitutes than there used to be but still the same amount of substitutions, and that’s something we’re still looking into.

“But when it comes to money and foreigners, there are quite perceptibly greater quantities of those two things.

“Sometimes that money is used to buy foreigners, sometimes foreigners come along with money – the two are inextricably linked in this way.

“In conclusion, football is still very much a thing.”