Fixture list “a fix” claim every club’s fans for various reasons

David Moyes
David Moyes is one of many managers who will feature in next season’s fixture list (Image: Jason Gulledge)

The fixture list is “a fix” according to supporters of every football club in the country, it has been yelled.

Fixtures, matches, traditionally involve each team playing every other team in their league both home and away over the course of a season, approximately nine months, a system from which football in this country has rarely never deviated.

However, fans of every team in the country took to the airwaves to denounce every single aspect of the new fixture list as a fix in absolutely every conceivable way.

Josh, an Arsenal fan from Kentish Town, said: “We’ve got Spurs, Chelsea and Man City consecutively at the end of March. That’s a fix.

“Late March is usually when all our players have recovered from injury so it makes sense that the FA would put all our hardest games there, since they’re always trying to punish us for having too many foreign players.

“I just wish they wouldn’t be so blatant about it.”

Lee, an Everton fan from Bootle, said: “Our first three games are Norwich away, West Brom home and Cardiff away.

“Do I have to spell it out to you? That’s clearly a fix. Norwich will be out there to prove that their consecutive 11th place finishes weren’t a fluke, so they’ll be all fired up for an opening day home game, while West Brom will be keen to uphold their present status of having been managed by the second most successful managerial Roberto of the Premier League era.

“As for Cardiff…well, it’s obvious, innit? Now they play in red, they’ll be extra fired-up against Everton.”

When Football Burp pointed out how little sense that makes, Brian, a Fulham fan from Croydon, grabbed the mic and started ranting angrily.

He ranted, angrily: “Hull, Stoke and Palace in our last three games? Why don’t they just deduct us fifty points and have it over with?

“I give up, I really do. How are Fulham supposed to mount a serious challenge for Champions League football if the FA conspire to draw them against Hull, Stoke and Palace in the last three games?

“Can you…I mean I…pfft…ooh, I’m spluttering with rage here.”

Meanwhile, Liverpool fans have launched a petition to have away games removed from their fixture list.

They chorused: “Or are we better away from home where the pressure’s off? We’ve forgotten already.”