REVEALED: Most deadline day deals end up on car boot sales within 12 months

"I once sold a Latvian international to an old lady," admits anonymous manager.


Car boot sale
You might come away with a Latvia international from one of these (Image: Steve Daniels)

A new report has claimed that the vast majority of players bought on transfer deadline day are then sold on at car boot sales within a year.

With managers shopping like desperate husbands at Tesco Extra at five to ten on Christmas Eve, it is hardly surprising that buys are poor quality and often – as one manager put it under condition of remaining anonymous – “absolute sh*te”.

The same manager went on to comment: “Yeah, I’ve bought some right dodgy crap at 10pm on Transfer Deadline Day.

“Mostly because I want to get on Sky Sports News and keep the fans off our backs. Half the time I’ve never heard of the club, never mind the player.

“We end up down the local primary school on a Sunday morning trying to flog them from a car boot.

“I sold a Latvian international left-back to an old granny once. He’s still at her house, I think.

“I did offer him to Arsenal but they bid less than the £2.50 she was offering.”