“It was only meant to be light dinner with Darron Gibson,” roars drunken Rooney

Catch-up with pal escalates quickly.

Wayne Rooney was arrested for drunkenly racing Darron Gibson
Rooney during his lesser-known spell at Middlesbrough (Image: Austin Osuide)

Everton star Wayne Rooney admits his catch-up dinner with Darron Gibson may have got out of hand, it has emerged.

The returned Toffee has been charged with drink-driving after being found racing his former Manchester United team mate around the streets of Wilmslow at 2am.

Fortunately no one was harmed, as everyone scarpered indoors the moment they saw Rooney and Gibson ordering their first round of beers at a local restaurant.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Rooney lamented the fast and furious escalation of what had been mutually agreed to be a light dinner.

He said: “To be fair it was only meant to be a light supper – you know, one of the slightly less oily dishes at the curry house.

“Just one round, we said. Just one for old time’s sake. Then another as a reward for sticking to just the one, which looks like a miscalculation with hindsight.

“Twelve Cobras later and we’re basically doing Wacky Races down Altrincham Road. I left oil and marbles all over the road in front Darron and he still didn’t skid.

“Hats off to him, he’s a real pro.”