Everton fan offers to piggyback Lukaku to Chelsea, now regrets it

Hadn't reckoned on fifteen-stone striker accepting unorthodox travel arrangements.

Would you want to piggyback Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea?
LARGE: Lukaku (Image: EFCsophie)

An Everton supporter who offered to take Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea by piggyback was made to regret it when the Belgian replied saying “go on, then”.

Ste O’Brien, a 42-year-old Toffees fan from Walton, was so keen for his club to accept £60m for Lukaku that he took to social media offering his shoulders as transport.

Needless to say, he hadn’t reckoned on the 6’3″, fifteen-stone striker accepting the unorthodox travel arrangements.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Ste shrugged his soon-to-be-heavily-burdened shoulders and remained philosophical.

He said: “Suppose I better be hitting the weights, then.

“I was just trying to make the point that £60m is a pretty good price for a player whose first touch is comprehensively outclassed by my eight-year-old’s.

“In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have given him the chance to call my bluff, but I suppose it could become a sponsored charity thing.

“Yeah, thinking on, I’ll carry Romelu Lukaku to Chelsea in my Speedos while singing the entire score of HMS Pinafore.

“All money raised will go towards wheelbarrowing Oumar Niasse to Turkey.”