England players ask to work from home for the 2018 World Cup

Feel like they could achieve just as much from the couch.


Joe Hart playing for England
No need to take Hart (Image: Станислав Ведмидь/Stanislav Vedmid’/Stanisław Wiedmid’)

With qualification for the 2018 World Cup within their grasp, the England team have moved early to ask if they can work from home during the tournament.

Working from home is usually offered to workers with significant commutes or who can deliver the same level of performance with remote technology.

And the England team feel they can achieve just as much sat on their couches as they would if they actually had to go all the way to Russia.

A spokesperson said: “We need to embrace new technological advances and reduce the carbon footprint of the team.

“Let’s face it, they’re probably right about what they could achieve from home – or, more to the point, what they could not achieve while there.

“At least this way the fans will actually know in advance.”

Joe Hart is believed to be behind the technological advance having experimented with using holograms to replace him in the England goal for the last twelve months.