Disheartening day for rubbish coaches, say campaigners

Sackings of Chris Powell and Chris Ramsey leave just 83 incompetent managers in top 4 divisions.

Chris Powell
SACKED: Powell (Image: ukhomeoffice)

Yesterday’s sackings of Chris Powell and Chris Ramsey were “disheartening”, say anti-abilityism campaigners.

Powell was dismissed from Huddersfield Town and Ramsey from Queens Park Rangers to leave just 83 rubbish managers in the top four divisions.

Last week the FA’s newly appointed Crap Managers Association (CMA) boss Paul Ince said he wanted to increase the number of inept coaches.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Steve Kean implied that a bias towards competent coaches is still very much existent in English football.

He said: “To lose both Chrises in a day sends out a really strong message to those aspiring to get on this journey.

“People will look and think, ‘Is it worth it? Is it because of how many games they’ve lost so far this season? Or is it because they are bad managers?’

“I know people will say it’s because they’ve just lost a few games recently but I think there is a lot more to it than that.

“Yesterday was disheartening for all terrible managers without a doubt.”

He added: “Or they might all end up getting the Leeds job, let’s see what happens.”