“We were saying ‘Lou’,” claim Man Utd fans

Old Trafford faithful tell everyone they weren't booing Martial substitution but hailing it.

Were Man Utd fans hailing LVG or booing him?
BOOED? Lou (Image: Paul blank)

Manchester United supporters were this morning queuing up to claim that they were not in fact booing during last night’s Champions League clash with CSKA Moscow.

The Old Trafford faithful, faithful, were thought to have been deriding Louis van Gaal’s decision to substitute Anthony Martial with Marouane Fellaini with his side still crying out for a goal.

However, Red Devils fans have moved to clarify that they were appreciative of the move inasmuch as it was quite evidently going to bring about a late Wayne Rooney winner, and that they were not saying ‘boo’ but ‘Lou’.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Fellaini thanked supporters for their explanation and expressed his relief that he wasn’t at the centre of yet another mass jeering.

He said: “That’s nice that they weren’t booing the manager’s decision to bring me on for Anthony, and that they were in fact hailing it as a master stroke.

“It’s just that it would be even nicer if they could make that clear to me at the time, because it really doesn’t help my performance or that of the team when you’re labouring under the misapprehension of being unpopular.

“Maybe the fans could send some kind of emissary onto the pitch to explain to me there and then that they’re saying ‘Lou’, not ‘boo’, because they’re all super smart and they know that my introduction will lead to Wayne scoring a late winner.

“I would appreciate that next time.”